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Assessment of the 2nd year of the OSEinGÉ program

Published on

2 Jul 2024

The second year of the OSEinGÉ “OSE Intégrer une Grande École” program comes to a close. On July 2, 2024, the last steering committee of the year 2024 was held: the moment to take stock of this year’s actions and prepare the next edition by bringing together the promoters, educational teams, partners, beneficiaries and volunteers.

📷 Club Rafale

The OSE InGÉ program provides personalized support for young girls and scholarship-holders throughout their preparatory classes for the Grandes Ecoles (CPGE), helping them to build their future plans and develop their ambitions.
Begun in 2022, this July 2024 marks the end of support for the first promotion of the scheme. After two years of preparatory classes, the beneficiary students are now taking their oral exams and will know at the end of July what their next step will be!

For this 2023-2024 school year, OSE inGÉ is :

  • 3 new partner high schools added to the 3 Toulouse high schools already involved:
    • Lycée Pierre De Fermat
    • Lycée Déodat de Séverac
    • Lycée de Bellevue (CPGE)
    • Lycée Jean Dupuy de Tarbes
    • Lycée général Théophile Gautier
    • Lycée général Ferdinand Foch
  • 78 pairs of mentees – mentors: with committed mentors, alumni of the partner schools, who guarantee personalized and individual support, according to each person’s availability and needs;
  • 3 immersion courses on our campuses: the first in October to start the school year for first and second year CPGE students, the second in February to support second year students in their revisions, and the third in April to prepare first year students for the next school year. These internships enable students to discover the campuses of the Top Schools, interact with students and professionals, consolidate their knowledge and learn how to better manage their CPGE years;
    • 5 one-off events in partner high schools, with professionals talking about the engineering profession;
      • 3 steering committees to bring together all those involved in the program and to co-construct the content offered to beneficiaries.

      And the adventure isn’t over yet!

      The OSE inGÉ program will be back in action this autumn, continuing to support the second class and launching the third!
      Our challenges are threefold:

      • the democratization of education, linked to profound rather than structural transformations,
      • greater social openness in the top schools and the engineering field
      • the creation of an innovative system for the entire Occitanie region

      We would like to thank all our partners, whose support makes this program possible: the Occitanie Academic Region, the Occitanie Prefecture, the French Ministry of the Armed Forces, the Dassault Systèmes Foundation, Labsoft, Airbus, the Toulouse CREPS and Elior.

      Thanks also to the teams at Fondation ISAE-SUPAERO and ENAC and its Foundation, who support this program on a daily basis.

      I support the OSE inGÉ program