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The class gifts, also known as a promotional gift, have been organized by the Foundation since 2016. They allow one or more classes of students or former graduates to mobilize financially through donations for a project for the benefit of ISAE-SUPAERO and its students. Beyond a financial contribution, it is also an opportunity for alumni to meet, share knowledge and reconnect with their school.

Since 2016, the Foundation has launched 10 Class Gifts represented by 16 alumni classes.

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Class Gift 2002-2012-1992-1982

The Mermoz Challenge consists in crossing the South Atlantic following the historical route of Jean Mermoz (May 1930) with an electric drone, without emitting CO2.


Class Gift 1981-2011-2001

Faced with the environmental challenges of the 21st century, everyone has been called upon to contribute. Training those who will make the world of tomorrow is one of the major levers of the transition to...


Class Gift 2020-2000-1980

For the first time, it is not one class but three classes that have joined together to participate in the financing of an ambitious project, the “Drone Mermoz”. In line with current environmental issues, this...


Class Gift 1971

The alumni of the SUPAERO Engineering class of 1971 gathered around their first class gift to equip the 86m2 of the ImSpace with immersive technologies


Class Gift 1988

The alumni of the 1988 Supaero Engineering class got together to launch their first Class Gift to support ISAE-SUPAERO in innovation and entrepreneurship with the InnovSpace project.


Class Gift 1977

The alumni of the SUPAERO Engineer 1977 class had gathered in 2017 around their first class gift to participate in a notable project whose sequel in fine turns out to be “The Mermoz Drone Challenge”.


Class Gift 1983

The alumni of the Supaero Engineering class of 1983 got together to launch their first classift and to allow ISAE-SUPAERO to create a status of “ISAE-SUPAERO Associate Researcher”.


Class Gift 1978

Supaero 1978 engineering alumni go into space! This year, the alumni are gathering around their first class gift to participate in the purchase of equipment for the Toulouse University Space Center. This will also be...


Class Gift 1982

The SUPAERO Class of 1982 is proud to have organized the School’s first Class Gift in 2018. The challenge was to collect a maximum of donations among the alumni of the SUPAERO class of 1982...

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