corporate sponsorship

Being a sponsor of ISAE-SUPAERO means being associated with the Institute’s strategy over the long term. It is also to generate spin-off and visibility for each party, to constitute a powerful communication tool internally with your collaborators and beyond, in particular on innovative activities.

The Foundation, in conjunction with the ISAE-SUPAERO Development Department and its various laboratories, is available to help you define the sponsorship project that meets your expectations.

sponsorship actions

create a chair

A chair can be dedicated to research and/or teaching. It can be composed of several types of activities: research program, training complementary to the courses, portfolio of student projects, excellence grants, etc.

Benefit to you as a company:

  • To be associated with the strengths of the Institute and to participate in the development of its fields of expertise,
  • To convey the company’s image to the various stakeholders of the ISAE-SUPAERO Foundation (professors, students, academic and scientific partners)
  • To have a reinforced visibility with the students during the various events within the framework of the Chair
  • Benefit from a corporate tax reduction depending on your country

An important one for ISAE-SUPAERO:

  • Enable the establishment of teams and means of research and training in new technological fields
  • To constantly evolve its teaching, thanks to the company’s perspective, and to adapt it as closely as possible to the needs of the French and international markets. The objective is to advance pedagogy in synergy with the outside world.
  • To have the academic excellence of a research laboratory of the school recognized and to give it the means to continue its development.

Discover the chairs created between the Foundation, the Institute and our patrons


Supporting one or more scholarships for excellence allows ISAE-SUPAERO to increase its international attractiveness by enabling the best students from the largest foreign universities, interested in the ISAE-SUPAERO engineering program or the Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering, to finance their training.

For the sponsoring company, this is an opportunity to :

  • To participate in the selection of students at the entrance of their training
  • To create a close relationship with the beneficiaries and to make them better acquainted with your company, through the meetings that take place during the course, and to develop a special link between these future engineers and the company
  • While benefiting from thetax advantages of corporate sponsorship

Identifying and attracting the best international talent to train at ISAE-SUPAERO means supporting a pool of future professionals who will be able to participate in the global development of companies.

Supporting a scholarship program provides opportunities for internal and external communication.

Find out about current scholarship programs


Several awards are presented each year by the Foundation. They are used to reward and honor students for special achievements or skills. They are also an incentive to excellence and a tool for the influence of the Institute beyond its walls and years.

  • Thesis prizes
  • The ISAE-SUPAERO Foundation entrepreneurship prize
  • The Jean Pierson Award

The award may be named and publicized by the donor(s).

Benefit to you as a company:

  • To promote the company’s image to the candidates and winners of the award,
  • Enrich the attractiveness of the Institute by giving visibility to existing student awards on campus
  • Benefit from thetax advantage linked to corporate donations


To develop the level of excellence in the training of tomorrow’s engineers, the school must evolve its teaching and technological practices. The institution must make a major financial effort to set up infrastructures and innovative tools.

The future Learning Center in particular requires a major investment by the School for its development, an effort supported by the Foundation thanks to the donations it receives. By making a donation to this facility, the sponsor can choose to name one of the identified spaces after a prominent figure in the aeronautics and space industry, to inscribe the name of his or her company on the donor wall in recognition of his or her support, and to take part in the inauguration and animation events of the facility.


OSE ISAE-SUPAERO is the equal opportunity program of ISAE-SUPAERO, certified Cordées de la Réussite. It is committed to educational equity and better job placement for all. By becoming a sponsor of the OSE ISAE-SUPAERO equal opportunities program, you are making a lasting contribution to its actions.

Benefit to you as a company:

  • Benefit from increased visibility with the program’s partner institutions,
  • Give meaning to your commitment,
  • To convey the company’s image to the various stakeholders of the ISAE-SUPAERO Foundation and the OSE ISAE-SUPAERO program (academic and scientific partners, partner institutions, students and pupils)
  • To have increased visibility at events organized by the Equal Opportunity Program
  • Benefit from a corporate tax reduction depending on your country

An important one for ISAE-SUPAERO:

  • To give the OSE ISAE-SUPAERO program the opportunity to raise awareness of higher education and scientific studies among young people,
  • Support a program that allows ISAE-SUPAERO students to get involved in a voluntary and civic way
  • Meet the objectives of the State by growing the Cordées de la Réussite OSE ISAE-SUPAERO

types of sponsorship

Financial donation

This is the sponsorship that is realized by a donation of money, regardless of the method of payment. This is the most common practice.

Donation in kind

It allows the provision of tools or goods for a project.

Gift of skills

It consists of making your employees available for a project, who will mobilize their skills, know-how or expertise for this cause for a specific period of time.

taxation of sponsorship

As a sponsor, the company benefits from the tax regime of sponsorship:

  • Tax reduction of 60% of the donation, whether in cash, skills or in kind (up to €2M of annual donations, 40% beyond).
  • Benefit capped at €20,000 or 0.5% of sales (excluding VAT), whichever is higher. In case of overrun, it is possible to carry forward the excess tax reduction for the next 5 years.

As a result, it must not give rise to direct compensation for the sponsor.

On the other hand, the company’s sponsorship and support can be promoted by the company and by the Institute, and can be relayed to students and other stakeholders (diplomatic networks and foreign partners for international scholarships, public institutions for social grants or support for innovation, etc.).

(example: for a 10 000 € action, the real cost for your company will be 4 000 € after tax reduction)

chairs in progress


“Human Factors and Neuro-ergonomics for Aviation Safety”

Signature 2014

GOAL: To advance research on human factors and more specifically on human-machine interfaces, with the intention of improving aviation safety.

2 axes :

  1. Supporting basic research
  2. Financing an international mobility program between ISAE and its international partners

Press release


“Air systems architecture with humans in the loop”

PERIOD: 2015-2020
PERIOD: 2021-2023

GOAL: To study different aspects of human-machine collaboration. The challenge is to make civil and military air operations safer, more robust and more efficient, while guaranteeing complete control for crews. The systems considered are often operated in complex situations; they therefore have advanced automatisms to carry out their missions in a more autonomous way, always under human control, by relying on decision making algorithms from the field of artificial intelligence.


  1. Expert function path around the notion of “air systems architect
  2. A Research Program

Press release


“Chair for Eco-design of Aircrafts

PERIOD: 2013-2018
PERIOD: 2019-2024

GOAL: To contribute to the sustainable development of air transport by working on the definition and evaluation of innovative transport aircraft concepts including the introduction of innovative technologies in aircraft design.

3 curricula:

  1. Aeronautics and Environment Certificate
  2. International scholarships for excellence
  3. Student Project Portfolio

→ 1 research program

Press release


“Design and certification of innovative architectures and CS-23 aircraft category”.

PERIOD: 2019 – 2024

GOAL: Contribute to the construction of a low-carbon aeronautics industry by reinforcing high-level research activities in the design and certification of CS-23 category aircraft, in particular by developing expertise in innovative aircraft such as the EcoPulseTM project, a hybrid electric aircraft demonstrator with distributed propulsion.


→ Support fundamental research on hybridization and the exploration of innovative architectures and modes of operation
→ Understanding of societal needs in terms of mobility
→ Architectural certifications



“Advanced Space Concepts” (SaCLab)

PERIOD: 2017 – 2021

PERIOD: 2022 – 2026 (WIP)

GOAL: To develop the study of future space concepts from a system and architecture point of view through research and teaching projects that will be developed in the framework of a Space Advanced Concepts laboratory (SAC LAB).


Establishment of a Space Advanced Concepts Laboratory (SAC Lab) within the Department of Design and Operation of Aeronautical and Space Vehicles (DCAS) of ISAE-SUPAERO.

Press release


“Integrated Air Transport System

PERIOD: 2024-2028

GOAL: Understand flight operations in their entirety, with the aim of optimizing them and keeping CO2 emissions to a minimum.


Recruitment of a doctoral student to work on the Chair’s projects, supervised by Rob Vingerhoeds, professor of systems engineering at ISAE-SUPAERO’s Département Ingénierie des Systèmes Complexes (DISC). 11 excellence scholarships awarded to students in the Engineering and Aerospace Engineering Master’s programs.

Article on the ISAE-SUPAERO website

current programs


Since 2014

GOAL: To contribute to the international attractiveness of ISAE-SUPAERO and to strengthen the skills of young students and professionals for the benefit of the Indian and Indonesian aerospace industries.

MBDA Program


PARTNERS: ISAE Group schools

Since 2016

GOAL: To promote high level academic and professional education in Europe in the field of aerospace systems. This support makes it possible to finance projects carried out by the ISAE Group in three main areas: training, promotion of the professions to young people in schools and students, and social assistance to students.

Sponsorship agreement: GIFAS continues its commitment

other support for the institute, excluding sponsorship


Many other ways of collaborating with ISAE-SUPAERO are possible through other forms of partnership. The possible fields of action are discussed and decided from January to June in order to be able to implement your projects from the beginning of the next academic year. Contact the dedicated service of ISAE-SUPAERO !

apprenticeship tax

In 2020, a government reform in favor of the “professional future” was put in place with a change in regulations and a strong rebalancing of the apprenticeship tax towards support for work-study training. This is good news for the Institute, which has chosen to develop new sandwich courses.
Contact the dedicated service of ISAE-SUPAERO !

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