Supported once, or sometimes several times, the students, teachers-researchers or doctoral students with grants share with you the projects they were able to carry out thanks to the often indispensable support of donors.
Individual donors, they speak out about the reasons for their donation.
Find all the testimonials that show the importance of commitment.


A 6-month internship at NASA Goddard for Julien

Motivated by the desire to gain significant professional experience abroad and explore a new culture, and as part of his TAS Astro SEEDs Specialized Master’s degree, Julien Rondey chose to carry out his 6-month internship...

Damien takes part in the International Astronautical Congress 2023

The International Astronautical Congress is an annual world congress that brings together the global space community to share knowledge and discoveries about space exploration. This year’s 74th edition, on the theme of “Global challenges and...