Supported once, or sometimes several times, the students, teachers-researchers or doctoral students with grants share with you the projects they were able to carry out thanks to the often indispensable support of donors.
Individual donors, they speak out about the reasons for their donation.
Find all the testimonials that show the importance of commitment.


Nathan’s testimony

Nathan Goy is a 3A ISAE-SUPAERO student-engineer, who went to Toronto from September to December 2021 to follow courses on space and AI. He received a support of 2 000 euros from the Foundation.

Flavie’s testimony

Flavie Jariod is a 1A ISAE-SUPAERO student-engineer. President of the Pôle Solidarité du Bureau des élèves, she has witnessed the increasing needs of students on campus.

Joseph’s testimony

Joseph Risson, is a 2A ISAE-SUPAERO student-engineer, involved in the ISAE-SUPAERO equal opportunities program OSE and President of the ISAE-SUPAERO Aeromodelling Club. In 2022, he received a support of 2 500€ for his project of...