young graduates

You have graduated from ISAE-SUPAERO less than 4 years ago? You can submit an application for each scholarship and/or award below. This will then be studied by the Foundation’s Project Selection Committee (PSC) or the jury of the relevant Prize.

the different types of grants


Deadline for submission of the complete file January 10th

Content of the file :

  • a summary sheet download
  • a presentation of the candidate
  • a precise summary presentation of the project showing how it contributes to ISAE-SUPAERO’s reputation
  • a detailed budget justifying the request for a grant
  • a letter of support from Dan NGUYEN and if possible another from Laurent RASMONT

Filing of the file Your questions and your file should be sent to

Note: students are advised to contact Dan NGUYEN and Laurent RASMONT


No awards will be given in 2023

The selection is made in 2 steps :

  1. a pre-selection stage with a deadline for sending applications in May
  2. a final selection stage in two parts

The results of the final selection will be announced in November

Content of the pre-selection file :

  • a detailed presentation of the team (1 page)
  • a presentation of the project demonstrating its innovative and promising character (2 pages)
  • a formal letter of acceptance without reservation of the prize payment

Filing of the file Your questions and your file should be sent to Jean-Louis Marcé

Note: if the project is led by a team, it must include a majority of students or former students of ISAE-SUPAERO.

Please note: the decisions taken by the Project Selection Committee are not reasoned and cannot be appealed.