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Class Gift 1981-2011-2001

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10 Apr 2021 | closed

In 2021, the classes of 1981-2011 have been called upon to contribute to a common project in order to provide the Institute with the means to enrich and deploy an ambitious program around sustainable development in line with current and future challenges. Joined by the class of 2001 during the year, the Class Gift raised a total of 28,155 euros.


A project that makes sense for the next generation of engineers

Faced with the environmental challenges of the 21st century, everyone has been called upon to contribute. Training those who will make the world of tomorrow is one of the major levers of the transition to a sustainable society. ISAE-SUPAERO wishes to contribute to this by mobilizing teaching skills and scientific expertise to enable each of its students to be a relevant player in inventing a low-carbon air transport system and, more generally, the world of tomorrow.

The ambition of this Promotional Gift was to participate in this challenge by contributing financially to the creation of a training program dedicated to sustainable development within ISAE-SUPAERO. In line with the Institute’s strategy.

The class of 2001, whose Class Gift was not successful*, has had its donations redirected to this Class Gift in order to support the classes of 1981 and 2011. The collection is therefore an accumulation of the donations of the 3 promotions.

Launch date:April 10, 2021
Closing date: October 09, 2021

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A word from the project leader

Caroline Bérard

Director of engineering training


Theoretical and practical knowledge on this subject of sustainable development is acquired in the classic framework of the courses. However, developing the softskills expected of a high-level engineer requires other means. I am firmly convinced that a student who questions the engineer he or she wants to become will have taken a big step in this journey. It’s an intimate, personal process, and therefore not something you learn in a lecture hall. To do this work, you have to get out of the frame and this frame is very important. You need to change the environment, mobilize small group skills, and bring in stakeholders. With your help, we will help them become citizen engineers!

The project in video

The godparents

Jean-Pierre Dargentolle
Benoit de Maupeou D’ableiges
Sponsors of the class of 1981

Julie Dequaire, Aubin Peigne & Cyrille Baetz
Sponsors of the class of 2011

Audrey Vedovelli
Olivier Coeurdray
Sponsor of the class of 2001

The list of donors

Class of 1981
20 donors

Class of 2001
25 donors

Class of 2011
14 donors

Thank you to the donors for their support in this project!

*The Class Gift 2001 that was launched on October 14, 2017 had the initial ambition to participate in the purchase of the Soyuz MS-03 capsule that carried Thomas Pesquet (S 2001) on his Promixa mission. Unfortunately, the project was put on hold for reasons beyond the Foundation’s control, relating to negotiations with Russia. The proposal made to the donors of the class of 2001; to redirect their donations in order to join the Class Gift in progress in 2021: the one concerning the sustainable development training at ISAE-SUPAERO.
Thank you to the entire class for their patience and involvement despite the changes related to this Class Gift!