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Berkeley to major in Machine Learning, Fintech and Data Science

Published on

15 Oct 2021

A year ago, Paul returned from an 18-month stay in the USA where he had gone in 2018 to complete an MSc in Aeronautics & Astronautics at Stanford University.

We look back at his diploma course!


I came to UC Berkeley ready to further my knowledge of Data Science and Machine Learning as applied to finance. However, I discovered that it was not so much these fields in themselves that I liked, but rather all the computer implementation to be done behind in order to apply such model to such problem. So I attended classes, learned mathematical concepts, and expanded my knowledge, but where I made the most progress and had the most fun was developing the code behind it all. I still have some interest in financial markets (hence the concentration in Fintech), fascinated by their complex dynamics.

What was your favorite part of the exchange?

Adam Moutonnet

So my Capstone Project was about simulating equity markets using Reinforcement Learning (RL), and I loved developing and implementing the simulation to apply RL to it. I discovered a passion for computer development, and I’m going to concretize this passion as well as the one for financial markets by doing my end-of-studies internship in a startup founded by ISAE-SUPAERO alumni who also went to Berkeley. This startup called SheeldMarket aims to enable safe trading without any information leakage that could be detrimental to market order setters. This “Dark Pool” in development seems to be the perfect project on which to deepen and perfect my computer skills.

But Berkeley was also about meeting extraordinary people, each one smarter than the next, constantly pushing to excel. With a fellow student, we developed a Machine Learning model to predict whether a concert would sell out with an accuracy of over 85%, and this outside of class, for the sheer pleasure of learning and taking on a challenge.

Finally, Berkeley also has beautiful scenery with the Bay, the Ocean and the mountains right next to it. My passion for Trail running was more than fulfilled during this year when I was able to participate in two competitions in California, and to meet the Americans with their particular way of running who have always inspired me.

Thank you very much to the Foundation for this support which allowed me to carry out this academic project which will surely be decisive for my future.