Supported once, or sometimes several times, the students, teachers-researchers or doctoral students with grants share with you the projects they were able to carry out thanks to the often indispensable support of donors.
Individual donors, they speak out about the reasons for their donation.
Find all the testimonials that show the importance of commitment.


Eurotour 2022, an adventure in the skies of Europe

The Eurotour is a student initiative of ISAE SUPAERO. It offers the opportunity to 3 students to fly a plane in order to promote their school, the Toulouse aeronautical basin, and their passion to other...

Airexpo 2022

The ISAE-SUPAERO Foundation supported the air show in 2022. Although after years of pause, the resumption was difficult, this edition has still made many happy!

Donors, they testify

They support the Foundation’s beneficiaries with their donations on a one-time or regular basis. Some of our donors testify to the importance of giving.