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2 winners of the 2024 Entrepreneurship Start-up grants

Published on

10 Jun 2024

On May 28, 2024, the members of the Entrepreneurship Start-up grants jury met to select the projects that will receive a Entrepreneurship Start-up grants this year.

These grants, launched in 2021, are made possible thanks to the long-term support of Jean Lucien Lamy, a major donor to the Foundation.

On Tuesday May 28, 2024, the final jury for the Foundation’s Entrepreneurship Start-up grants took place. With 6 projects in competition this year, 3 were selected to be presented to the final jury and 2 came out on top:

the project

Carried by Antoine BARBERIN

An app to simplify life for people with food allergies

The project stems from a simple observation:

Allergy sufferers face two major problems: food shopping and eating out.

To meet this need, their aim is to simplify everyday life for people with food allergies, thanks to an application that detects allergens on restaurant menus and in-store products.

This grant will mainly enable us to cover the legal costs involved in setting up the company, and creating the legal notices, CGU and CGV for our platform. With our MVPs already ready, this grant will give us the opportunity to enter the market and iterate on our product and business model.


Carried by Côme ROSSARY

A project for a greener washing machine

The project stems from the following observation: today, one of the greatest ecological disasters is the abusive and excessive use of water in the home.

The aim of Côme and his teammate Augustin Day (Ingé 2A) is to build a new washing machine, capable of consuming less energy and less water, by exploiting the physical phenomenon of cavitation. This innovation would make it possible to adapt the volume of clothes to the volume of water used, aiming to achieve a water consumption of around 5-7 kg of clothes / liters of water initially, with the possibility of later adjustment if necessary.

This grant will be a real advantage in the development of our product, as the cost of developing this technology can be quite high.