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2022 Recipient Project Schedule

Published on

9 Feb 2022

In January, the Foundation unveiled the 44 projects it would support in 2022 through a grant. Find here the calendar of the 2022 actions supported!

From January to December 2022, find the dates of the international research, extracurricular and conference projects supported by the Foundation

The Jean Pierson Prize, worth 20,000 euros, is intended to reward each year a student of ISAE-SUPAERO at the end of his or her studies (all courses combined) who has demonstrated, within the framework of his or her commitment to activities or associations and during his or her studies at the Institute, particular leadership qualities that are recognized and appreciated.

Each candidate must be nominated by June 30, based on a proposal from a group of students, a teacher-researcher, a professor or an internship supervisor. After validation of the applications by an internal committee of the Institute, each candidate must submit a file before October 15, which will then be submitted to the international jury of the Jean Pierson Prize composed of 6 permanent members. The award will be presented for the first time in December 2022.

See the complete rules