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2nd edition of the OSE inGÉ immersion course!

Published on

16 Nov 2023

October 21, 22 and 23 saw the first immersion course of the year for OSE inGÉ mentees!

This year, 74 CPGE students were welcomed to ISAE SUPAERO, CREPS and ENAC.

The class of 2022-2024, currently in their 2nd year, and the new class of 2023-2025, fresh from their preparatory classes, were mixed together.

Photo of students participating in the OSE inGÉ program

The 3-day program includes

  • Training by two professional coaches for new mentors
  • A day of meetings and team-building games with mentors: an orienteering race to discover the feminization of engineering, Time’s Up Morse around the men and women scientists who have left their mark on history, and a reconstruction of the solar system on a rugby field.
  • Tutoring by ISAE-SUPAERO and ENAC students in science, but not only! The students greatly appreciated the presence of the students, who were on hand to provide personalized guidance and help with the production of mock khôlles.


  • Workshops on competitive entrance exams and school selection with an ISAE-SUPAERO teacher-researcher and students
  • CREPS workshops on stress management, motivation, sleep and learning
  • An opportunity to work on the Travaux d’Inititative Personnels Encadrés with a teacher-researcher from ISAE-SUPAERO.
  • A workshop on drawing up a revision schedule for competitive examinations
  • Florian Prussak from CROUS Toulouse provided training on scholarships.
  • A meeting with professional engineers

The whole program was punctuated by meals in the delicious CREPS canteen and energy-boosting snack breaks!

Group of OSE inGÉ mentees discuss and introduce themselves
Group of OSE inGÉ mentees taking part in an orienteering race
OSE inGÉ mentees at work during an integration weekend workshop

The immersion course ended on the ENAC campus in the presence ofEmilie Tota, Deputy Director of ISAE-SUPAERO, and Olivier Chansou, Director General of ENAC. An opportunity to take stock of this experience for the students and to present the year’s calendar of events for the program!

Closing speech for the OSE inGÉ immersion weekend

The OSE inGÉ program

Launched in 2022, “Ose Intégrer une Grande École”, OSE inGÉ, is an innovative program offering personalized support to scholarship-holders and girls in scientific preparatory classes for the grandes écoles (CPGE). The objectives of the program are :

  • strengthen the gender mix within these schools,
  • promote access to higher education,
  • contribute to better professional integration for scholarship holders and girls in CPGE.

The 6 beneficiary high schools offer students one-to-one mentoring during the two years of preparatory school, to help them build their plans for the future. Mentoring is provided for each student by a volunteer who has graduated within the last 10 years from ISAE-SUPAERO or ENAC, and who joined the program this year.

OSE inGÉ is part of ISAE-SUPAERO’s (OSE l’ISAE-SUPAERO) and ENAC’s Student Social Opening programs, supported by the ISAE-SUPAERO Foundation, the ENAC Foundation and GIFAS.

Would you like to contribute?

You can support the OSE inGÉ program by making a donation directly to the ISAE-SUPAERO OSE Program!