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Donors, they testify

Published on

27 Apr 2022

They support the Foundation’s beneficiaries with their donations on a one-time or regular basis. Some of our donors testify to the importance of giving.

In 2021, donor commitment supported 57 beneficiaries.

Today, discover 5 testimonies, the testimonies of 5 donors who illustrate the 5 axes that the Foundation supports through its actions. These actions are possible thanks to the donors who trust us and who accompany the students, doctoral students and teacher-researchers of ISAE-SUPAERO to transform their ambitions into reality.

The testimony of Julien Michelon

S 1995

Donor for the innovative pedagogy axis

Studying at ISAE-SUPAERO means benefiting from the heritage of knowledge capitalized by previous generations to solve current and future problems. My support, through the Foundation, is a way of enabling the school to continue to equip itself with all the means necessary for this transmission.
I hope that with this help, students will be able to meet the many challenges they will face and that they will one day contribute to this edifice of knowledge.

THE testimony of Valerie Giudicelli

S 1983

Donor for the international outreach axis

Throughout my career, I have benefited from the excellent quality of the teaching I received at ISAE-SUPAERO and I want to try to give back to the school some of what it gave me. That’s why I give regularly to the Foundation. Sponsorship is very important for the development of our school. I was lucky enough to be able to organize the Class Gift for my class of ’83, which was designed to help the school’s international reputation. I can only encourage you to give to the Foundation, there are many areas you can choose to support!

THE testimony of Laurent Rasmont

S 1980

donor for the entrepreneurship axis

As the creator of the ISAE-ALUMNI-ENTREPRENEURSHIP Club, which today has just over 150 members ready to support entrepreneurial projects, I can only support the Foundation in this area. Donations made to the ISAE-SUPAERO Foundation can provide decisive support in the early stages of an entrepreneurial project, such as the financing of a first patent, a market study, or the remuneration of a trainee. These are gifts that allow great entrepreneurial projects to become successes.

THE testimony of Matthieu Ponin-Ballom

S 2015

Donor for the social openness and diversity axis

Inequalities in access to higher education for young people are increasing from an early age. The action of OSE l’ISAE-SUPAERO is fundamental to make all the fields of excellence accessible to children and teenagers who are far away from them mainly because of their social background or their handicap and who tend to censor themselves. It is by focusing their projects on Aeronautics, Space or other fields that arouse their passions that the hundreds of sponsored young people commit themselves with OSE l’ISAE-SUPAERO to reach their dream. Supporting the Foundation as a donor and sponsor of the ISAE-SUPAERO OSE program means taking part in this adventure and ultimately in a more egalitarian higher education system where social mobility is possible.

THE testimony of Thierry Pardessus

S 1982

Donor for the Research and Education axis

Supporting the ISAE-SUPAERO Foundation has always seemed to me an obvious choice for an engineer who has spent his entire career in aeronautics and space. Teaching and research are at the heart of ISAE-SUPAERO’s activities and of what our School transmits to future generations: with my donations I wish to contribute to the excellence of the Institute, and to allow students to realize themselves in beautiful projects and to be distinguished bearers of strong engineering values.

And if you also supported the students of ISAE-SUPAERO?