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Giuseppe takes part in IAC 2023

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13 Mar 2024

Giuseppe Oliva took part in IAC 2023 in Baku. He was part of a group project : the ARther project. he shares his experience.

Tell us about your team’s project

The AEther project is an initiative led by international students at ISAE Supaero, aiming to design, develop and launch a supersonic sounding rocket; this is supposed to be powered by an innovative hybrid rocket motor, fueled by ABS and high-test hydrogen peroxide as a fuel-oxidiser couple.

The project, officially started in 2019, has lived a considerable change of pace in the past two years, allowing the team to achieve the actual conception and production of a working combustion chamber.

Given the pioneering aspect of this project, the team deemed reasonable to showcase the outcome of its work at several aerospace conferences across Europe, notably the International Astronautical Congress in Baku.

The paper, “Design and testing of the combustion chamber of a H2O2/ABS student-developed hybrid rocket engine”, details the path leading to the first iteration of the engine, the assessment of its performance and the validation of the efficiency of GriffonSimulator, a student-developed rocket engine simulation software.

What do you take away from this experience?

Giuseppe Oliva

The participation at IAC has been a great opportunity for each one of us to get to know the main actors of the space industry and to confront researchers from all across the world.

It allowed us to meet invaluable contacts, both with important companies and student peers working on akin projects.

The AEther team would like to acknowledge once again the fundamental financial help provided by the ISAE Foundation; we hope that our collaboration will continue in the future as we engage to keep representing the name of the university in congresses and conferences worldwide.

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