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Launch of the Jeunes Pousses Entrepreneurship grants

Published on

13 Jan 2023

For the third year in a row, we are launching the entrepreneurship start-up grants, thanks to the long-term support of a donor for whom entrepreneurship is of utmost importance!

Applications for the Jeunes Pousses Entrepreneuriat grants can be submitted until April 14 at 6pm!

New scholarships thanks to a donor

Already a donor since 2009, Jean Lamy is convinced of the importance of generosity towards his former school and that is why he has made a long-term commitment to finance, in particular, the Jeunes Pousses Entrepreneuriat grants.

Start-up grants

Why be interested in starting a business? Because it allows you to reveal your potential, to realize a dream, to answer a problem without a solution.

The answers can be varied, in any case carrying out a project of this type makes the person grow and increases his skills and know-how, qualities and experience that employers are also looking for.
Creating a company involves a phase of questioning and exploration. The potential entrepreneur starts with a more or less precise idea but,

► Are there really interested customers?

► What features should the product or service have?

► How do you position yourself against the competition?

► How to gather the necessary technical, financial, human resources?

► Which partners? …


Who can apply?

All students in engineering programs (including work-study engineers), Master’s programs, Specialized Masters®, Doctorate programs
The application of a team is admissible.

► ► Access the full regulations to learn about the components of the file

How much are the scholarships?

For 2023, a maximum of 4 grants of 3,500€ are planned.

Submit your applications until April 14th, 6pm!