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Nathan’s testimony

Published on

21 Dec 2022

As part of the Foundation’s year-end appeal for donations, some students testified to the importance of their support in their schooling.

Find in this page the complete testimony of Nathan Goy and in our brochure the extracts.

Nathan Goy is a 3A ISAE-SUPAERO student-engineer, who went to Toronto from September to December 2021 to follow courses on space and AI. He received a support of 2 000 euros from the Foundation. Today, with the help of the ISAE-SUPAERO Foundation, he could realize his dream of doing an internship at NASA’s JPL.

“This semester changed my life, it allowed me to open up and gain confidence.”

“I chose Toronto as my destination because I was attracted by the courses offered, the prestige of the world-renowned university and I also wanted to progress in an English-speaking world that is indispensable in the professional world. Of course, I also wanted to open up to a new culture that I knew little about.

I left while we were still in the covid-19 health crisis. I was lucky because I had the majority of my classes face-to-face. I am originally from Annecy and it was a real change of scenery with an XXL environment, a city and a campus with gigantic infrastructures that welcome 50,000 international students. I was very excited to leave. To go on campus where you change your posture and become the stranger. I wanted to fully immerse myself in this experience. Seven of us from ISAE-SUPAERO went there, but we didn’t stay together and I wanted to go towards the others. The opportunity was too good. I made discoveries and encounters that left a lasting impression on me.

It has given me an academic advantage that is complementary to my training at ISAE-SUPAERO. This semester has changed my life because I am by nature shy and not very confident. It allowed me to open up and gain confidence, to reach out to others in a language that is not my own and to get out of my comfort zone and I enjoyed it. I expected it, but it went much further than I expected.”

“Since I’ve been at ISAE-SUPAERO I can finally blossom fully because this is where those whose dream it is are gathered.”

“I have always been passionate about space and that is why I am at ISAE-SUPAERO and why I have been able to develop myself fully in these studies.

When I was 11-12 years old, I saw my grandfather reading astrophysics magazines. I loved seeing him and reading them with him. I had this curiosity of wanting to understand. To understand the world, its origins, our place in the universe, that fascinated me…

For my 13th birthday, my parents gave me my first telescope. I was so happy, it reinforced my passion. It was decided, I wanted to make this my life. This made me want to work hard to get there and join ISAE-SUPAERO, which was my dream school, far ahead of all the others.

Since I’ve been at ISAE-SUPAERO I’ve finally been able to develop myself fully because it’s here that those whose dream it is are gathered. A unique emulation of passionate people that I couldn’t find elsewhere.

I was able to realize a dream by attending the takeoff of an Ariane 5 during my internship at CNES in Kourou.

My goal today is to do my final internship at JPL at Nasa. In order to do this, I have to prove to the American administration that I have 15 000€ in my account for my 6 months of internship. I don’t have that money and without it, no internship. This is where the ISAE-SUPAERO Foundation can make a difference for me.”

I found Nathan’s testimony in the brochure of December 2022.