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Space Careers Day with OSE ISAE-SUPAERO

Published on

2 Apr 2024

As part of the Parcours Espace program, 200 students from the scheme spent Thursday March 28, 2024 on the ISAE-SUPAERO campus. The day’s program includes a morning of projects and an afternoon of lectures and workshops, with a special appearance by Arnaud Prost, ESA astronaut in reserve, and Ines Belgacem, NASA planetary scientist and patron of the Cordée OSE L’ISAE-SUPAERO.

Middle and high school students from partner schools had the chance to take part in workshops to meet and talk with space professionals, students and PhD students.

The objective? inspire high-school and middle-school students about careers in the space industry. Professionals with different backgrounds were able to talk about their jobs in a speed meeting format.


After an introduction to the day by Inès Belgacem, planetary scientist at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory and sponsor of the Cordée OSE L’ISAE-SUPAERO, the students were able to take advantage of several workshops related to each school’s project:


  • Simulation of a European Parliament as part of the Geopolitics of Space project with the Young Europeans.
  • Diving activity around astronaut training,
  • DIY Space Elevator workshop to establish communication with Kineis satellites
  • SuperCam educational kit activity
  • Visit to ISAE-SUPAERO

After an outdoor lunch, the students gathered for the afternoon’s program:


Students once again gathered in the amphitheater for a presentation of the Institute’s student clubs and UNIVERSEH, an alliance of European ERASMUS+ universities aiming to build a “European university” focused on the space sector. Students from the SUPAERO DRONE SECTION, Club MARS, SUPAERO SPACE SECTION, Club Astro and ASTRE-CC SUPAERO TOLOSA clubs presented the Institute’s space-related activities.

–ESA reserve astronaut ArnaudProst then spoke about his career and answered students’ questions.

Whatever your situation, you have every right to have the dream you want. If you like something, allow yourself to have goals and ambitions!

The rest of the afternoon took the form of a speed-meeting: in small groups, students were able to talk to students, PhD students and professionals from the space industry.

Many thanks to all the student volunteers, doctoral students, professionals and partners involved in this day organized by the Student Social Opening team.

I support the ISAE-SUPAERO OSE Program