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SUPERCAM educational kit at IAC

Published on

14 Sep 2022

As the 73rd International Astronautical Congress (IAC) is fast approaching and will take place from September 18 to 22, the Cordée de la Réussite OSE l’ISAE-SUPAERO will take part in a very special day on September 17… where the SUPERCAM teaching kit, which will be launched in October 2021, will be able to prove its worth during a training session dedicated to secondary school teachers.

#SuperCam #SpaceExploration

An educational day dedicated to science and space exploration

In collaboration with the ISEB (International Space Education Board), chaired this year by the Canadian Space Agency, CNES offers two educational days on September 17 and 21 to bring more space into the classroom!

Of the two days of training planned, one will focus on Physics-Chemistry, Mathematics, Technology, Engineering Sciences, Earth Sciences and History-Geography.

The SUPERCAM educational kit, a concentrate of information to understand the Martian exploration

Developed within the framework of the Cordée de la réussite “. OSE the ISAE-SUPAERO “This project is the result of a collaboration between engineering students, teachers from partner high schools, engineers, professors and researchers from CNES, ISAE-SUPAERO, CNRS and the University of Toulouse III – Paul Sabatier, and mediators from the SPACE CITY.

Launched under the impulse of Sylvestre Maurice, astrophysicist at the Institut de Recherche en Astrophysique et Planétologie, this real pedagogical toolbox is intended for high school teachers who will be able to find exercises, experiments, tutorials, quizzes, photos, videos and interactive presentations on the major themes of space exploration.

On September 17, high school teachers who want to introduce space science and technology into their classrooms will be able to attend two sessions during the day, including the morning session dedicated to space exploration.

4 students from ISAE-SUPAERO accompanied by teachers from partner institutions will be able to train teachers from other academies. This training is organized in collaboration with the Rectorat de Toulouse.

The workshops will be based on the resources of the Martian kit recently developed by the CNES Youth Education Department in partnership with the Cordée OSE of ISAE-SUPAERO. On the program, activities around Ingenuity as well as scratch programming of Martian robot trajectories.


Program and registration form to be found here and on the CNES website