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the Foundation’s team is growing !

Published on

17 Nov 2023

Over the last few months, the Foundation’s outlines have changed a little and the team has grown!

Welcome to Julie, Ilyesse and Maéva!


The OSE team welcomed two new members:

Julie Devaux, in charge of OSE inGÉ and OSE at ISAE-SUPERO. As part of the team, she is responsible for managing and coordinating the community of alumni and student volunteers involved, as well as managing the equal opportunities program in preparatory classes, and projects relating to gender equality and orality.

After graduating from ISAE-SUPAERO in 2020, I joined the team as project manager for the OSE inGÉ program and the Cordée de la réussite after 3 years in the industrial world!
I love painting, singing and baking!

Ilyesse Lakhal, administrative assistant for the ISAE-SUPAERO OSE program. Ilyesse is in charge of managing the 9th grade internships and the various agreements with schools (partnership agreement and financial appendix) as part of the program.

With a degree in communications and marketing from ESG Labège, I join the team as Administrative Assistant.

I love basketball, soccer and movies!

The development office also has a new team member:

Maéva Arpon, Communications Officer. As part of the Foundation’s development office, her role is to help define the strategy for developing donations and highlighting the Foundation’s actions, beneficiaries and patrons through online and offline communications.

Specializing in editorial coordination and digital communications, I’m joining the team as Communications Manager!

As well as being a creative arts enthusiast, I’m also the queen at baking cookies!