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A look back at the 37th edition of Airexpo

Published on

17 May 2024

The ISAE-SUPAERO Foundation supported the airshow in 2023. Despite less cooperative weather than in previous years, this 37th edition still delighted some 10,000 spectators.

A look back at this experience!

A new year of challenges

The aim of Airexpo is to organize an annual airshow on the Muret-Lherm aerodrome. This year’s challenge was even greater, as we had to continue adapting the administrative file in line with last year’s decree. We also had to analyze and remedy the various negative points of the previous edition, particularly with regard to access to the meeting.

Rainy but happy meeting

The event took place as planned on May 13, 2023, after a week of complicated weather (lots of rain) which made it difficult to set up the various stands. Indeed, the ground was very loose. The weather forecast for the day was not exceptional. However, thanks to the help of volunteers and team members, everything could be installed. Unfortunately, the weather forecast for the day of the meeting was not exceptional, so visitor numbers were not as high as last year. Nevertheless, some 10,000 spectators turned out to enjoy the show put on by the various aircraft. The Patrouille de France, the Rafale Solo Display, the Rafales Marines and the A321 XLR will all be present.

Click here to watch the after-movie of the event.

Thomas Bidault’s testimonial

Airshow vice-president

Thomas was the point of contact for the Airexpo project with the Foundation. The testimony in this article is his own.

The team is pleased to have been able to meet its goals and to have held the meeting. Now it’s over, following feedback from the authorities, we can announce that this edition was a great success in terms of crowd management, the various anti-intrusion blocking points on the various routes leading up to the meeting, and more generally the way in which the meeting was run on the day. Another strong point was the involvement of the students, who didn’t give up when faced with the amount of work and pressure involved in organizing such an event.

On the negative side, the same weak points were noted as in previous years: the turnover of the team each year, without a clear handover, leads to organizational errors, and managing a team of 200 volunteers remains a complicated challenge.

Any final words?

On behalf of the entire 37th Airexpo team, I’ d like to extend my warmest thanks to the ISAE-SUPAERO Foundation for the help it has been able to provide. As my predecessor already said in his report, the Fondation has been supporting Airexpo for several years, and Airexpo is delighted to cooperate with the Fondation. It’s a very rewarding event for ISAE-SUPAERO students, as it’s highly professional. What’s more, it’s also a great way of highlighting our School on the day of the meeting.

Thank you for another year of support!

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