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OSE INGÉ: the new student social opening scheme

Published on

28 Nov 2022

OSE InGÉ is ISAE-SUPAERO’s new Student Social Opening program for scientific CPGE students.

This program consists of personalized support for girls and scholarship students throughout their CPGE studies in order to help them build their future plans and develop their ambitions.

A device never seen before in France

OSE inGÉ, “dare to integratea Grande École” is a new program that provides personalized support for girls and scholarship students throughout their CPGE* program to help them build their future plans and develop their ambitions.

* CPGE: Classes Préparatoires aux Grandes Ecoles

The challenge is to ensure an opening towards the grandes écoles and the professional world in order to offer motivating perspectives through mentoring by active engineers, alumni of ISAE-SUPAERO.

The first edition of this device started in 2022 thanks to:

  • 3 high schools in Toulouse: Lycée Bellevue, Lycée Déodat de Séverac and Lycée Pierre de Fermat
  • 42 students in preparatory classes accompanied – 34 girls and 8 boys, 37 of whom have scholarships
  • 42 ISAE-SUPAERO alumni mentors
  • our partners: the Occitanie Regional Council, Airbus, Elior and the Toulouse CREPS
  • our patrons: the Dassault Systèmes Foundation and the FDJ Corporate Foundation.

The challenges of the system

Fight against social, territorial and gender determinism

Contribute to the feminization of scientific and technical professions

Strengthen social openness in the grandes écoles and the engineering field


→ Fight against self-censorship

→ Supporting the development of self-confidence

→ Encourage the development of all potentialities and talents


→ Setting up mentor/student mentee pairs

→ Creation of links between CPGE students and ISAE-SUPAERO’s scientific and educational teams

The actions of the program

Customized mentoring

The student benefits from personalized and individual support from an Alumni mentor, according to his availability and needs. He is supported until the competitive exams by an ISAE-SUPAERO alumnus who, thanks to his experience, his support and his listening skills, helps him answer his questions and reinforce his choices.
The mentors receive training to help them provide the best possible support to CPGE students within the framework of this program.


These internships are an opportunity to discover the campus of a grande école, to exchange with former CPGE students and professionals with inspiring backgrounds, to meet your mentor, to consolidate your knowledge and to learn how to better manage your CPGE years.


– Construction of academic and professional projects
– Testimonials from inspiring professionals
-Work on tests and oral examinations
– Training of CPGE teachers to support vulnerable students

They testify

Didier Anderhalt
teacher of preparatory classes at Bellevue high school

“When personal difficulties block learning, with additional means, we can compensate and allow ambitious success. This global approach to the challenges of learning takes into account the environment of young people. By providing personalized support, material and human means, and resources, we remove inequalities, self-censorship, and develop the self-confidence of the mentees. This way, they can see themselves as they are and not as they think they are. School must be inclusive. This scheme leads the way in enabling education to progress in fulfilling its mission.”

Emilie Tota
Deputy Director of ISAE-SUPAERO

“OSE inGÉ is a continuation of the actions of our OSE ISAE-SUPAERO program in middle and high schools, which supports more than 1000 young people each year. OSE inGé aims to support scholarship holders and young women, who are often in the minority, enrolled in these excellent scientific courses. There is a lot to be done in terms of gender diversity in our engineering professions. This gender mix is essential and we are working on it with the Foundation and the entire ecosystem of the Institute. In addition to continuing the support of the first cohort, which is already a success, we need to expand the program to reach more young people and schools in Occitania. This is a new device in France and it is a pride that our Alumni are mobilizing for this project.”

Alix Janicaud
I 2019 and mentor for the OSE inGÉ device

“I am accompanying a scholarship student in her first year of preparatory school. Having been there, I know it’s a difficult time.
Our posture as mentors is delicate. Receiving training from coaches whose expertise it is is a key factor in the system. Allowing my mentee to identify with my journey, inspiring her, listening to her, helping her to take a step back, developing her motivation, her audacity to surpass herself and to realize her potential, is to give her the same chances as others to deploy her potential. Even today, the engineering world is still very male, so I’m happy to contribute to its mix.”

The ambition: to increase the scale of the system

  1. Increase from 42 to 90 students by the beginning of the school year 2023
  2. Collaborate with 3 new institutions (Montpellier, Perpignan and Tarbes)
  3. Create cross-cutting and academic skills development workshops
  4. Recruit 1 full-time employee for the project

Would you like to contribute?

You can support the OSE inGÉ program by making a donation directly to the ISAE-SUPAERO OSE Program!