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Sustainable Development Day with OSE-L’ISAE-SUPAERO

Published on

15 May 2024

A new way of exploring science through the theme of sustainable development? This is the challenge taken up by the Cordée OSE L’ISAE-SUPAERO thanks to its Sustainable Development course: a look back at the inspirational day on Thursday, May 2, 2024!

Sustainable development course

This day is part of the 3rd of the 4 highlights of the Sustainable Development course of the Cordée de la réussite OSE L’ISAE-SUPAERO :


  • To DISCOVER, between December and March, students took part in a Climate Fresco or a 2tonnes workshop.
  • In April, students created a Fresco around a sport or other theme chosen by each class (themes: skiing, wrestling, swimming, soccer, smartphones, cars).
  • For inspiration, on Thursday, May 2, they took part in the Sustainable Development Day, where they met people from the following professions
  • On Thursday, May 30, they will take part in a restitution of all the Cordée OSE projects at ISAE-SUPAERO.

190 middle and high school students involved this year

To start the day, students gathered at ISAE-SUPAERO to animate their own frescoes created as part of the Parcours program, or to take part in frescoes created by other schools. The students presented their frescoes to their peers and to ISAE-SUPAERO staff who were on hand for the event. A total of 20 Frescoes were performed over the course of the morning.

For one of the schools, the morning was an opportunity to finalize their fresco on the theme of Football: students from collège Hubertine Auclert had the chance to continue their work alongside Jessica Desgrangeswho runs the Ecological Football Fresco created by the Football Écologie France association.

After a morning devoted to fresco restitutions, the day continued at La Cité, in partnership with the Occitanie Region.

The program includes presentations, Q&A sessions, speed-meeting workshops, a forum and a talk by Antoine Schereffer, an ISAE-SUPAERO gap-year student, who is leading a project to travel by bicycle for 5 months in order to meet the key players in Europe’s energy transition.

Throughout the day, students were able to meet inspiring professionals working for sustainable development, as well as ISAE-SUPAERO students and doctoral candidates.

Many thanks to all the student volunteers, doctoral students, professionals and partners involved in this day organized by the Student Social Opening team.

I support the ISAE-SUPAERO OSE Program