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They win the Move on The Moon competition at IAC!

Published on

4 Oct 2022

The Move on the Moon team of ISAE-SUPAERO gathers 10 students in Master specialized Space Systems Engineering and MAE Space System Major. In January 2022, they received the support of the Foundation in order to realize their project of lunar rover intended to compete in the Move on the Moon competition, organized by the CNES and whose restitution took place at the IAC 2022.

Two awards for this great team!

The OBELIX project

OBELIX for OBject Enabling Lunar In-situ eXploration, is a mobility solution adapted to the lunar environment that meets the Move on the Moon challenge. Totally electric and autonomous, the rover, which must support the weight of a spaceman as well as a load of 150kg, is operational within a radius of 2km with a minimum speed of 5km/h at full load.

➡️ Project presentation by the team in video

Clément Loneux and his team, preselected for the second phase of the competition, left for the IAC with the objective of presenting the OBELIX project on the CNES stand on September 21.

Move on the Moon Contest

On the occasion of the 73rd International Astonautical Congress, CNES organized the first edition of the competition entitled ” Move on the Moon ” for schools and colleges located on the French territory. The theme of the contest: individual lunar mobility for spacemen.

The project was to achieve the realization of a machine:

  • Electric, can be recharged quickly;
  • As light as possible;
  • With a range of at least 2 km;
  • Can move at a minimum speed of 5 km/h;
  • Able to carry one person and tools/samples;
  • Usable by a spaceman in a diving suit;
  • Able to move on “lunar” ground: regolith, rocks, slopes, crossing, etc. ;
  • And compatible with the void.

First prize in the competition!
But not only!

The team representing ISAE-SUPAERO was competing with two other teams, from ESTACA and Supmeca. After presenting their project on the CNES stand to the general public, Clément and his team were awarded the first prize in the competition. Indeed, they had won the best price on June 30 on the technical file and the public gave them the best note during their passage on September 21 placing them on the first step of the podium.

But that’s not all! The team was also awarded the International Astronautical Federation’s Student Team Competition! This symposium gathers all the student projects of the IAC. After a presentation of the projects of each team, the jury selects the best student project. Congratulations to the OBELIX project team for these two well-deserved awards!

Thank you to the donors for their support of this team!

➡️ Back in April, we asked Clement about the importance of support,
he responded with gratitude in a video!

Congratulations to the whole OBELIX project team
Clément Loneux, Adrien Lafontan, Alexia Duchêne, Pierre Vignaud, Benoit Vinière, Jeremy Aubert, Tania GRES, Anthony FAURE-GIGNOUX, Florian Fillol and Timothée Simon