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What are they up to? #1

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22 Apr 2024

With a strong commitment to supporting innovation and entrepreneurship projects at ISAE-SUPAERO, the Foundation helps students and young graduates every year by providing various types of support: entrepreneurial seed grants, Jeunes Pousses Entrepreneuriat grants supported by Jean L. Lamy, an Entrepreneurship Award.

    Back in 2021 with the first edition of our “Bourses Jeunes Pousses Entrepreneuriat” (Young Entrepreneurship Grants) where the winners include :

    • Aubry d’Andoque (S 2021 ) and Hugo Weidmann (S 2021 ) are the founders of MICROFIT, a biotech startup launched by a multidisciplinary team convinced that bacteria cultivation will enable sustainable, energy-efficient nutrient production without animal exploitation. The team was working on the development of their first product: high quality Omega-3s, wishing to position themselves as Omega-3 producers and refiners.
    • Benoit Floquet (S 2021 ) and his team carrying Tirelire d’Avenir which was a social impact enterprise project. The aim was to provide young people aged 18 to 25 with springboard accommodation that would enable them to integrate effectively into society. The team worked with local authorities to obtain undevelopable land on which to build “tiny houses” – small, mobile, eco-friendly accommodations.

    What about today?

    Benoit Floquet (S 2021) is still invested in Tirelires d’Avenir.

    The project grew and evolved, merging with another association (CAPITALES) to give birth to CHAPTER 2, which today aims to help vulnerable young people achieve autonomy (social and professional integration, social ties, financial aid).

    In January 2022, Benoit Floquet was promoted from Co-Founder to Chief Operating Officer.

    Between January and December 2023, the association’s workforce more than doubled, from 6 to 15 employees. In November 2023, Tirelires d’Avenir takes stock of its development since its launch in 2020:

    • 400 participants in the Côte à Côte mentoring program with 5 employees dedicated 100% to the program
    • More than 200 destitute young adults receive financial support, with an average of €250 per month and an average duration of financial support of 3 months.
    • 12 social action partners and some sixty young adults receive social support in their dealings with the authorities
    • 10 wandering young people housed in houses made available to them

    In March 2024, Chapitre 2 (formerly Tirelires d’Avenir / Capitales) announced that it was joining the 2024 class of associations benefiting from Captain Cause, a solution that enables customers, partners and employees to make pre-financed donations.

    Aubry d’Andoque (S 2021) has been co-founder and CTO of Pimster since 2021.

    Pimster is a startup that proposes to transform customer relations by enabling brands to interact with users, particularly in terms of product handling via a WebApp. Pimster aims to make its mark in the post-purchase customer relations market. By 2022, the company boasted several tens of thousands of users and had raised 2 million euros in funding. The startup was also awarded the Lauréat Or Ecommerce #TEC22 in the Startup category.

    Today, Aubry and his company work with brands such as Shiseido, Kiliba and Decathlon! By 2023, 1 million Pimster QR codes will have been scanned!

    Hugo Weidmann (S 2021) has been co-founder of Noctua Care since November 2022.

    Noctua Care is a company that develops digital tools to assist coronary patients throughout their care. In January 2023, the startup tied for 2nd place as winner of the Bertrand Pivin 2023 prize awarded by the Fondation de l’Ecole Polytechnique for projects in the healthcare field. In February 2024, Hugo and his team were the 2024 winners of the Health Innovation Training Program run by La French Tech Grand Paris and the Digital Medical Hub.

    Great success stories. Follow the progress of Benoit and Chapitre 2, Aubry and Pimster and Hugo and Noctua Care on their respective Linkedin accounts!


    See you soon for more news from those whom the Foundation has been able to support thanks to its donors!